Pre Mixed Concrete

The coverage and locality of concrete batch plants and the spread of modern concrete agitator trucks enables Tegra Australia to provide service and support to customers in South West NSW.

Tegra Australia has a range of concrete mix designs to suit many applications in the construction industry and with the expertise and dedication of its team has the ability to supply any kind of project.

Normal class concrete

Designed for residential home projects, paving, footpaths, driveways and low rise applications. Normal class concrete to AS1379, compressive strengths of 20, 25, 32, 40 and 50MPa, utilising modern concrete additives to improve workability and finishing times.

Decorative and Polished Concrete

Decorative concrete is available in a range of mix designs, colours, patterns, polished and textured finishes to add individuality to your project.

Special class concrete

Designed to meet project specifications to achieve high early strength and higher long term strength and durability. Special class concrete mix designs for use in large constructions from high rise buildings, dams and spillways, roads and bridges to public works infrastructure.

Special Concrete Applications

  • RMS B80, R83  and 3201 Specification Mix Designs
  • Shotcrete – for sprayed concrete applications
  • Blockfill – flowable concrete to fill block wall cavities
  • Kerb and Gutter – machine placed kerb and gutter applications
  • Topping – 10mm aggregate for ease of workability
  • No fines – blend of cement and 20mm aggregate


The addition of polypropylene fibres or steel fibres to concrete reinforces the concrete matrix assisting in reducing plastic shrinkage and settlement cracking while helping to increase surface durability and tensile force capability. As not all fibres can be used as a replacement for steel reinforcement, care must be taken in the addition of fibres to concrete.

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