Tegra Australia produces a range of decorative concrete mix designs to suit many varied applications.
Whether you are building a new home, a new shed, putting in a swimming pool, footpaths or a new driveway there is a mix design to suit your project. Add that touch of individuality with our range of premium decorative, coloured and polished concrete.


Decorative Premixed Concrete is a blend of Natural Products, making each floor individual and will not necessarily mirror samples provided exactly.

1. Shadowing, discolouration, depth of colour, trowel marks, moisture movement, and colour change are all due to and are a characteristic of concrete which undergoes chemical changes and as it cures gains strength.

2. All concrete shrinks slightly as it hardens and this can result in cracking. These cracks can be controlled by the use of expansion joints and the correct curing techniques. Extra care should be taken when placing concrete on high temperature, windy days and relative low humidity.

3. Tegra Australia as a Concrete supplier, takes NO responsibility for the workmanship of the contract placers or polishers. The concrete will be supplied to the agreed mix design. Whilst all due care and attention will be taken in supplying a quality product we have no control over the use of our product by the placing contractor and therefore no liability or responsibility will be accepted by Tegra Australia Pty Ltd with regard to the quality of the placed and finished concrete including, but not limited to, problems with delamination, dusting, honeycombing, colour, or the attaining of levels.

4. We advise that written quotations should be obtained and previous work viewed.